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Business Finance Managment

360 financial control for SME

Data driven approach
  • Data analytics engine calculates metrics that are integrated with RTM
  • Bank can provide contextual offer for cashflow and working capital products (factoring, credit)
  • banqware will provide Customer with cashflow analysis and prediction (expense and revenue analysis)
  • Customer can apply online for a product that will be presented based on current financial situation
  • Based on data, we will produce the set of metrics to be validated with Bank credit risk team (as an input for risk pre-scoring)
Helping SME with cashflow management

Financial insights based on historical data - platform will synchronise historical transactional data and provide customer with insights


e2e process for personalized experience

Our streamline process builds industry and type of business experience

360 view of business

SME dashboards

We integrate banking, accounting and business apps data on single page data

Account aggregation

multibank, multiaccount, multicurrency

SME can aggregate financial data from different accounts from different banks. BFM calculates different currencies into one default to provide overall cash view

On-going cost analysis

Vendor and employee, cost categories

BFM analyses costs and builds dynamic list of your vendors and employees. SME can manage budgets and track expenses as well optimise the cost structure based on data

Data sync

Bank, accounting, CRM, business apps and more

Synchronize banking, accounting and operational data to the platform, in a few clicks.

Cashflow forecast

short and long term

BFM uses historical data and current AR/AP to forecast the future cashflow scenarios. We used algorithms that builds prediction based on cost and product structure and sales plan of SME

Revenue management and CRM

Build sales tools

List of SME customers is build dynamically on data sync. User can use this to plan future sale and manage customers