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Selected projects

Our banqware platform is a technology solution providing the end-to-end multibanking digital experience for the Customer. Platform can be integrated and embedded within existing bank IT landscape in different variants and configurations.

enriching digital banking

One of the top polish banks will use the banqware platform in order to extend the SME digital banking with business management tools, cashflow analytics and sophisticated financial “what-if” analysis.
Selected widgets of the platform will be seamlessly integrated (embedded) directly into the existing digital banking solution and white labeled banqware platform will also play a role of standalone business tool for SME.

Country: Poland

offer multi banking service

One of the top Belgium banks will use the banqware platform as a PSD2 integration hub in order to enrich the bank mobile applications with account aggregation and payment initiation capabilities.

Country: Multicountry

automating the SME lending

One of the largest EU banks is setting up an initiative that will allow SMEs and professionals (sole traders) to issue a credit request and receive its approval/refusal in a very short timeframe, being this process entirely conducted online, and without the involvement of any paper-based process. banqware platform will provide analytical engine for business metrics calculation and enrich/ calculate the data as an input for credit engine.

Country:  Spain

differentiate on the SME market

We are working with this large Belgium banks in order to test data analytics platform for SME customers.Our solution will be tested with bank SME Customers in F&F pilot. This is an initial phase for potential roll-out of the service.

Country: Belgium

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