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Smart Data

Smart Data - analytics on transactional data - internal and PSD2 provided

Smart data engine is the brain of the platform. It’s not really a centralized system, but rather a distributed set of services, which combined create an intelligent platform.

Main units of the system

  • Recommendation engine, which recommends widgets and fintech partners based on answers from the onboarding and market wizards
  • Intelligent chat bot which uses LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) to map user input to system features
  • Smart data tagging described below
  • Set of KPIs and visualizations calculated real-time or near-real-time to monitor the condition of the user company
  • Smart cashflow prediction built into Cashflow Planner
Implement it once and support all currently supported banks.

Data tagging and categorization

All transactional data input both from external accounts and results of human interactions are tagged on the fly by the tagging mechanism, which takes into consideration all the attributes of the transaction (geolocation, title, counterparty, merchant code etc).

Data reconciliation (categorization engine)

This process is based on our global merchant catalogue and links transactions with vendor/customer in a fully automated way. The transaction categorization engine is our proprietary technology and uses machine learning algorithms (tokenizing transaction description, tagging and rule based reconciliation). The platform provides an administration panel that allows online management of the rules (for Bank administrators).

Different forecasting mechanisms

allowing SME to model future cash flow based on historical data, planned investment/opportunities as well as sales plan

Detailed view of historical and forecasted cashflow

with interactive visualizations and drill-downs enabling looking at data from different angles

  • Aggregated cashflow views
  • Predicted views

Automatically calculated KPIs

providing real-time business health checks, customizable and recommended to the user based on his/her SME business line and company specifics, as well as benchmarking against peers

Transaction Details

Enables SME users to view, filter transactions and manage vendors, customers and employees

  • Tagging
  • Categorization (PFM and BFM)
  • Self learning categorization engine
  • Budgeting and saving goals