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Investment app Limitless will be available to more users thanks to banqUp’s TPP service.


Open banking allows third parties to access transactional data. Obtaining a license and integrating with banks may, however, be a tedious process, especially for a small, agile fintech. Startups might decide to go instead for a hassle-free solution offered by banqUp, that allows them to access aggregated data from over 80 banks and counting. Limitless is one of the first companies to use banqUp's new service.


Build your financial wellbeing automatically


Limitless is a UK fintech with offices in Warsaw and Singapore, founded by Sara Koslinska and Ka Lim. - Our app allows all users regardless of their income or financial knowledge to invest and save money. The application builds a financial safety net (the equivalent of 3-6 monthly salaries) on the user’s savings account. It then puts money aside for larger expenses identified by our algos, like eg.annual bills, and into low-cost funds - explains the CEO, Sara Koslinska.


International growth in times of Covid-19


Thanks to open banking and cooperation with banqUP Limitless will be able to offer the app to more users across Europe.


- BanqUP provides infrastructure and a legal framework allowing Limitless to access bank data throughout Europe. This is especially helpful now, during the Covid-19 crisis, when we’re offering Limitless as a responsible corporation’s longer-term answer to the crisis through supporting its employees, especially the lower-paid ones, such as baristas or drivers and the self-employed. - says Sara Koslinska, Limitless CEO.


Create new opportunities with banqUp


We are happy to partner with a fintech offering a user-friendly, yet, very technologically advanced product. Open banking has created these amazing opportunities for growth and expansion - emphasizes Krzysztof Pulkiewicz, banqUP CEO. - I personally hope that Limitless will grow to many markets in Europe. The company is already working on integrating over 20, mostly fintech partners, allowing them access to aggregated banking data using banqUP's own system.


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Banqware is an API-driven platform for open banking solutions, allowing for banks and fintech companies to access a number of European banking APIs.
Banqware helps TPPs and banks quickly access open banking ecosystem and analyze banking data, allowing them to create bold and innovative solutions, as well as cross-sell and up-sell their existing product.

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