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blog 27 NOV

According to the Europe 2020 Strategy, a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth that European Union is aiming at, requires a new partnership between EU Institutions and governments.

Yet Non Government Organizations face multiple challenges with management issues and scarce donor resources being the most severe ones. Collecting donations from individuals was always a trademark technique of NGO’s, with Greenpeace or WWF volunteer fundraisers being a recognizable element of the brand. What is even more challenging, the most desired form of support - a regular banking transfer - is sealed by the troublesome procedure of data collection that hampers the power of spontaneous support that people offer after a chat with a fundraiser on the street.

But the new challenges require modern solutions.

The new way of fundraising

BanqUP team solves the problem by delivering the app that generates the QR code that enables the donor to deliver a quick transfer, regardless of the bank the donor runs his or her account. The app supports also an option to set the regular donations apart from one-time support.

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“Financial stability is crucial for any organization, including the non-gov one. Being able to predict the donations enables the organization to plan the development. On the other hand, the lack of stability significantly hampers the organization’s ability to plan the actions. The certainty of incoming donations enables the NGO to deliver more significant actions and impressive events” comments Norbert Konarzewskki from Banki Żywności, an NGO focused on transferring the uneaten food to the people in need.

BanqUP delivered the app that enabled the NGO’s to easily distinguish the one-time support and regular donations in their budget, which can be troublesome when dealing with massive amounts of transactions. When properly tagged, they can be more manageable.

How it works

The tool was delivered using the BanqUP Software Development Kits consisting of libraries that ease the usage of the BanqUP platform. The key concept behind it is to deliver an easy way to incorporate the BanqUP platform into the system using popular programming languages and limited knowledge on the platform itself.

Using the owned SDK enabled the team to build a frontend app that delivers the core functionalities including:

  • All the info the charity needs, taken both from the donor and the bank he or she uses
  • Clarifying the data and putting it in proper order
  • Picking the payment provider of choice


Delivering the transparency

“We wanted the NGO officials to know what donations can they expect, and to get rid of a troublesome process of tagging every incoming payment,” comments Łukasz Chmielewski, CTO in BanqUP.

The solution was designed during the Open Banking Hackaton in Warsaw. It runs on open banking infrastructure implemented by PSD2 directive. The team has found a dozen of large NGOs interested in implementing the solution.

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