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blog20 DEC

The most important conference in Polish fintech is behind us.

There has been many important points made, depending on your approach and area of interest, there are probably different key findings. For banqUP this was a very busy time, as we have forged new business relationships but also found new perspectives.

Whether you are working for a fintech startup or a large bank, there was one place to be in the beginning of December in Poland - Katowice, where the 4th Impact Fintech conference, an annual event gathering everyone that counts in Polish financial technology sector, took place.

As banqUP was the first-timer on this event, we have come with some expectations, but we have to tell they have been surpassed. From networking, through keynotes, to media presence, all we have been overcome by the quality of the conversation.

Rise of contextual banking

The general mood of the conference was that of incoming revolution. However, there were different ideas on where the revolution will come from. Fingers have been pointed towards GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) - the technological big four, making very fast approaches towards payment services, others have mentioned neobanks, however the consensus has been that the banking landscape is changing. And that open banking is one of the driving forces behind the revolution - however it is only the beginning.

One of the approaches to this banking revolution that is particularly close to banqUP’s ideas and business, is contextual banking. It has been mentioned by SolarisBank’s Marko Wenthin. This idea shows, that the new paradigm for banks will not be multibanking solutions, nor brick-and-mortar branches, but banking remaining in the back of other digital products.

As our CEO, Krzysztof Pulkiewicz, mentioned during the panel “Fast Forward with Open Banking. What have we Actually Achieved? Reality Check”. - If I am looking for a car, for medical insurance, I need a financial service behind it. Banks can be where their services are really needed. This is a completely new opportunity for them, but it requires cooperation between many different entities - he stated. This is the sort of product that open banking can create.

Behind the scenes talks and… the afterparty

The most important part of every conference, for many, is the networking. - What was important for us was meeting new potential partners, and this part of the event was really well-organized, with the ability to reach a number of finance professionals and startups was really beneficial - says our CTO, Łukasz Chmielewski. - What I found interesting is that open banking is really hot in the financial circles. It is great to be surrounded by like-minded people, where everyone knew what I was talking about! - said Natalia Zielińska, banqUP’s Chief Product Officer. The afterparty was also great networking occasion - however it has shown the main problem with the conference - beer ran out too fast!

The conference was a great experience for us, and also it marks the next step in our journey - with the TPP licence and great, new ideas, we are ready for the new, great year.

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