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Become our Partner and use TPP-as-a-service!

  • Offer your customers added value on the basis of account data, also under PSD2 - The APIHub makes it possible to provide your service without your own license based on our TPP-as-a-service model.
  • You can focus on the essentials – providing the best service to your customers. Put your resources where they bring you the most value and leave the regulatory compliance to us.

You are certified Third Party Provider

  • We offer APIHub as-a-service with pure pay-as-you-go cost model
  • For client-specific requirements, we can provide APIHub on-premise installation.

Open banking offers new opportunities for innovation!

With TPP-as-a-service you can:

strzalkaget access to aggregated banking account data of your clients in compliance with PSD2

strzalkasave on time and resources required to obtain a PSD2 licence, as well as to maintain it (audits, legal and security requirements etc.)

strzalkaget your business access to multiple bank API's - check it out!



How does TPP-as-a-service work?

Depending on the level of integration with the system - you can either integrate with our API, or work without it.
The process is however very similar.

tpp s



  1. The client wants to use a service demanding banking data use. They use your app. They get information on the data that will be used and confirm that they agree to provide them.
  2. The client gets redirected to their bank page (if you are integrated with an API) or to our app, and logs in to their bank from there. They confirm their identity.
  3. Banqware collects the banking data from the client's account or accounts and aggregates it.
    (if not integrated with the API). Banqware provides the client with the information on the data that will be given to the partners app, they accept it.
  4. The app gets the data required.

Through banqware:

  • Clients get seamless access to your innovative services, while knowing what data will be taken and to whom it will be given
  • Partners get all the banking data they require without the need to obtain the PSD2 licence


What can I use the banking data for?

 Banking data is, at the moment the most comprehensive and the most trustworthy data about a person available.


What can you use this data for?

  • Creating or upgrading your fintech solution

Banking data may be beneficial for many different applications - whether it is an easier access to credit or factoring, financial analysis and planning savings, loans or investments - all these may benefit from fast and reliable access to financial data provided by the client through us


  • Identity confirmation or logging to your system


Banking data is much more trustworthy than e-mail or social media data for client verification. You can use the information the client has already provided to their bank when creating their account, without the need of getting credit card scans or any other non-secure method


  • Getting data for any app

Big data is key to many different apps. Whether you are upgrading credit scoring or are collecting data to search for the best international money transfer for your client, the data provided by banks will help you grow your offer


  • Faster account creation

Whether you are a challenger bank that wants to set up a new bank account for a client, a car hire company or a saving app that needs to see if the client has historically had access to required funds, access to a bank account may help you quickly create a new account, automatically filling the application form with data provided by the bank


How to start working with our APIHub?

If you have any questions or want to learn more about TPP-as-a-Service - contact us at

If you want to test our solutions - access our Developer portal




Headquarter in Belgium
Proudly developed in Poland




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Banqware is an API-driven platform for open banking solutions, allowing for banks and fintech companies to access a number of European banking APIs.
Banqware helps TPPs and banks quickly access open banking ecosystem and analyze banking data, allowing them to create bold and innovative solutions, as well as cross-sell and up-sell their existing product.

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